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Being one of the country' s biggest epoxy resin manufacturing, marking and research bases, The Epoxy Resin Division of Bailing Petrochemical of SINOPEC is also an only large-scale petrochemical enterprise integrating the production of sodium hydroxide, organic chloride and epoxy resin production in China. The factory has its own shipping dock of the Changjiang River, close neighbor G107, the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and Jing-Guang Railroad main artery, the transportation is very convenient. Established in 1969, the factory possesses more than one billion fixed assets and about 1200 employees, including 120000t/a sodium hydroxideand ionic membrane sodium hydroxide plant, 60000t/a chloropropeneplant, 30000t/aepichlorohydrin plant and 100000t/a epoxy resin plant and so on. The enterprise has strong production capacity and technology development capability of epoxy resin, equipped with experimental apparatus from laboratory and pilot-plant scale to further pilot experiment. The business took over scientific research and exploitation tasks presented by the former State Ministry of Machinery Industry, the state Ministry of Chemical Industry, Sinopec, etc, and got many great tech-harvest. They developed SF6 epoxy resin for high voltage switch, A80 brominated epoxy resin, o-cresolformaldehydeepoxyresin, wind power epoxy resin, automotive coating epoxy resin and various matching curing agents and diluents. The main products are CYD series epoxy resin, E series epoxy resin, special epoxy resin and its matching materials, 3-chloropropene, epichlorohydrin, sodiumhydroxide, liquid chlorine, hydrochloric acid, etc, which include multiple types and over 70 varieties. The company has established sound quality control system, advanced control measures and daisy testing equipment, and been certified to ISO9002 in October 1998 and passed the ISO9000:2000 quality management system certificate-change certification in October 2003. Six types of products won the titles of “Excellent Products” in Hunan Province and the state Ministry of Chemical Industry, and four types of products were awarded Hunan famous brand products. In 1998, the epoxy resin was awarded the "National Quality Trustworthy Product” and was used in the technical reform of the stately Historical Museum and other units by the National Bureau of Technical Supervision.“Baling’ liquid epoxy resin takes the lead in the domestic colleague to pass the REACH registration of EU which is the laws and regulations for preventive management of all the chemicals being imported to EU market; while the wind power epoxy resinwas certified successfully by the international certification organization Germanischer Lloyd (GL). As the earliest products which realized industrial production, products quality of o-cresol-formaldehyde epoxy resin is always up than other companies in the same category. Waterborneepoxyresinhas been widely used in anticorrosivepaint, floor coatings, Wall Covering and strengthening concrete, etc. 3-chloropropene is the only type of products which can be achieved colorless in the peer, with a domestic share of approximately 44%.The total annual product value of the factory reaches over 0.6 million, the annual sales income(no taxes) of RMB 1.4billion.

In Sept. 2010, construction of the 50000t/a Special Epoxy Resin Project with own intellectual property was started to construction. The whole project was completed and started production in Sept. 2012, with the goal of doubling achieved; thus the factory becomes the country’s biggest epoxy resin manufacturing base and is leading the way in production capacity, scale, quality and model. The enterprise takes a new look to participate the market competition.Aiming at service with trustworthiness, they will strengthen exchange and cooperation with colleagues both at home and abroad keep improving products quality and make great efforts to create a brighter future .

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